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About Guillaume

Guillaume Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, Rosemont, Petite-Patrie, Villeray

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

“Life always finds its way”

Malcolm , Jurassic Park


Yes yes, I dare to quote The Jurassic Park.


I have traveled a long way in life, due to my insatiably curious nature. A common thread, I have always been interested in all aspects of health, in all possible approaches.


Having dual training as a Physical Conditioning Practitioner and Swedish Massage, I am the massage therapist for your new or chronic tensions. I work with strength and delicacy; sometimes gently, sometimes powerfully.


I am not the relaxation massage therapist at the spa, but I include relaxation maneuvers in my practice.


I am the massage therapist for your shoulder that pulls, your neck that gets stuck, your calf that is too stiff... I will treat them locally to reintegrate them globally. I work on tensions with precision around 50% of the massage and the other 50% is overall and in relaxation.


It is with humility that I welcome you to my table. With presence, a certain energy, a touch of humor. I aspire to circulate life in the body. This life which sometimes takes detours, always finds its way.



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